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Buddy’s DNA Results are In!

Recently I told you about Buddy, our neighbors’ dog and, ever since he arrived, best friends with Irie and Tiki. He’s already quickly become best buddies with our new puppy Barli (and they both hail from the same hometown!)

Since Buddy arrived in the neighborhood, we’ve all speculated on his lineage–and now we have the answers thanks to a DNA test kit from DNA My Dog.

The test uses a simple, safe cheek swab to obtain doggie DNA. You swab your dog’s cheek and send in the swabs; DNA My Dog checks the results against their database of breeds, and two weeks later you have your dog’s breed mix!

Buddy’s results show that his strongest heritage is Border Terrier, accounting for somewhere between 37 and 74 percent of his makeup. Poodle came in at somewhere between 20 and 36 percent of his heritage while Boston Terrier and Bichon Frise scored just 10-20% of his DNA. Ironically the lowest detectable breed in his DNA was Schnauzer, accounting for just 1-9%…although Schnauzer is a breed that many of us guessed!

DNA My Dog broke each result down in a detailed document, providing more information on the breed characteristics:

Would you like to know the breed makeup of your dog? I’m curious about Barli’s and know that sometime in the future we’ll DNA test him. It doesn’t matter to us which breeds make up his heritage but it’s one more way to know a little more about our rescue dogs’ lives before they entered our family–and one way to answer that inevitable question: “What kind of dog is that?!”

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