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ArmOR Hand Animal Handling Gloves: Protecting Yourself from Bites & Scratches

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Through the years, I’ve stopped and picked up many, many lost dogs as I was out running errands. Although each was eventually reunited with their families, handling the dogs involved everything from checking their ID tags to loading them in the car to taking them by the vet’s office for a microchip scan. Fortunately I never ran across a dog who bit me in fear.

But that’s not always the case. Handling frightened–or injured–animals puts concerned pet lovers at risk of dangerous bites and scratches. Whether you are helping a lost dog–or clipping your own dog’s nails, aiding feral cats or rescuing wildlife, hands and arms are always at risk of injury.

Because of this, I was very interested when I heard about the new ArmOR® hand gloves. Developed by a veterinarian, these form-fitting, washable gloves are designed to provide the comfort, dexterity and protection needed to safely restrain and treat animals–and protect the wearer from fingertips all the way up to elbows!

ArmOR gloves for handling dogs, designed by a veterinarian
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Who Needs Protective Gloves–and Why

“Being a vet is one of the top ten most dangerous jobs, and I can attest to that after suffering bites from a patient and the resulting infection that required extensive surgery and physical therapy to regain proper function of my hand,” says Dr. Laura Catena, veterinarian, founder and president of ArmOR Hand Gloves.

“After that experience I decided to develop a safe and effective glove that allows for proper animal restraint technique through the superior flexibility and dexterity the gloves provide.”

Dr. Catena recommends additional hand protection for:

  • professional animal caregivers
  • rescue volunteers
  • pet owners
  • wildlife rehabbers
  • groomers and others

How ArmOR Works

I found the ArmOR gloves super easy to use…just pull them on like dishwashing gloves.

As soon as they’re on, however, you realize that these are heavy duty, quality protective gloves–made with both Kevlar® and stretch Cordura. A pair provides protection from the tips of the fingers to the elbows.

In all, the gloves feature 30 pieces, providing extra protection on the most vulnerable areas including palms and fingertips.

Elastic wrists insure a good fit for increased mobility while the rubber fingertips provide improved restraint control. (And see below for the second style of ArmOR Gloves with three open fingertips for detailed work.)

The gloves are machine washable and can be wiped down to help prevent zoonotic and infectious disease transmission.

Styles of ArmOR Gloves

ArmOR gloves come in two styles–and five sizes per style. I opted for The Original Animal Handling Glove (MSRP $150), which offers complete hand and arm coverage.

If you need to do detailed work on your pets that puts you at risk–whether that’s clipping nails, administering fluids or cleaning ears–The Procedure Palpation Glove (MSRP $150) is an excellent option.

Just like the Original Animal Handling Glove in terms of hand and arm coverage, the Procedure Palpation glove exposes the first three fingers of each hand so you can have the dexterity to do detailed work.

Using ArmOR Gloves with Wildlife

Along with having the gloves available in case I was working with a stray dog or feral cat, I was also interested in the gloves for use with wildlife.

Our regular readers may remember that a few years ago we found a pair of baby squirrels at our house. Afraid our dogs were about to discover the squirrels, I had to make the decision to quickly pick up the squirrels with my bare hands–but it would really have been better to have had ArmOR gloves!

“ArmOR hand gloves were instrumental in over 650 wildlife rescues in 2020,” says Ben Nuckolls, of California Wildlife Encounters. “These are absolutely the best gloves.” “ArmOR gloves are a Fear Free Preferred Product,” added Catena.

ArmOR gloves for animal handlers

“Due to their superior flexibility and dexterity they are compatible with low-stress animal handling techniques that cannot be achieved with bulky “welders” gloves. These gloves provide the ultimate protection, cost savings and low-stress handling.”

I’m so happy with our ArmOR gloves and know we will get a LOT of use out of them with our pets and more.

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