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8 Reasons to Walk Your Dog!

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As we take our first tentative steps into the new year, many of us may already find ourselves struggling with our resolution to exercise more. One way to go that extra mile in order to keep your commitment to keep fit is to enjoy a daily dog walk (or two!)

January is National Walk Your Pet Month. To mark the holiday, the Alabama Veterinary Medical Association offers the following reasons why a stroll with Rover will help you both as you walk down the road of life:

  • Although your dog is domesticated, inside your tail-wagging chum longs to take a walk on the wild side like his four-legged forebearers. A hike will help him tap into his natural instinct to explore.
  • Promenading with a pet parent will put pep in your pup’s step by providing both physical and mental stimulation. While his muscles are moving, all of the smells, sights and sounds your dog is exposed to during a stroll will also give his senses a workout.
  • A dog who is deprived of regular outlets to expend his excess energy can turn his built up vivacity into destructive behavior.
  • A walk provides not only a workout, but also the chance to work on your dog’s leash training. A canine who has expended energy by exercising is more apt to focus on his lesson.
  • Taking a turn with your barking buddy, whether it’s around the block or your neighborhood park, will transform him into a social butterfly! Meeting other people, children and fellow Fidos will help any dog tackle shyness and fear, and is especially beneficial for puppies.
  • Frequent exposure to the sights of daily life, including the mailman, bicycles, and traffic noises, can help your canine companion become comfortable with his surroundings.
  • If your fur family consists of more than one dog, taking them on treks together will help your pooches bond as a pack.
  • Making even short hikes a habit can lengthen and improve your dog’s quality of life, as well as your own!

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