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5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Calm When Moving

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Dogs thrive on routine—and from the security that comes from being surrounded by the scent of home. They love that their house is the place where they are fed, where their toys are kept, and where their family lives.

But what about when it’s time to move? Whether it’s a move to a new home or away from the shelter (which can become a temporary home for long stays like our Barli) to your home, or even a temporary move for renovations, moves equal change. And, for many dogs, change equals stress.

But you can take steps to help your dog remain calm during and after a move.

5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Calm When Moving

This post is sponsored by CEVA Animal Health, makers of ADAPTIL® for dogs. All statements and opinions are entirely our own. As always, we only share products that we use with our own pets!

Pack with a Pooch Plan

 The efforts to keep your dog calm after a move starts long before the move—with the packing itself. Set aside a box for your dog’s must-have items including:

  • prescription medication
  • several days of food and water
  • a favorite toy
  • bedding
  • bowls
  • veterinary records
  • poop bags
  • a spare collar and leash
  • first aid kit
  • ADAPTIL® Calm Home Diffuser
5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Calm When Moving

When you reach your new home, you’ll plug in the clinically-proven, veterinarian-recommended diffuser that copies the natural, canine-appeasing pheromone that dogs have known since birth to help show your dog that, yes, this new home is a good place.

The diffuser won’t impact you (or cats in the household) but your dog will get calming reassurance. 

Designate a Dog Person

With so many details to manage, from packing to coordinating arrangements with movers to settling into a new home, it’s especially important to put one person in the family in charge of your dog’s care.

That person, whether you’re boxing and unboxing or checking into a hotel for the night, will always know where your dog is and if they are in need of food, water, or a potty break–and will help you avoid a potential “I thought you were watching them” discussion.

Keeping Your Dog Calm When Moving

Make the Most of Moving Day

If the move is a one-day event, consider doggie day care (or even overnight boarding) for your dog. Your dog will have the opportunity to burn off some stress with a day of play and you can focus your mind on the moving arrangements, knowing that your dog is cared for and safe.

Before he goes, outfit your dog with an ADAPTIL® Calm On-The-Go Collar to keep him calm at day care or boarding.

If day care’s not a possibility, be sure to exercise your dog before the move, then head out for the move, with the designated dog person keeping an eye on your dog’s food, water, and potty needs.) Spray a favorite toy or car bedding (or a doggie bandana) with  ADAPTIL® Travel Spray (never spray it directly on your dog) and make the car ride a relaxing journey.

spraying Adaptil to keep dog calm

Give Your Dog a Safe Place to Chill

The movers have left and now you’re in your new home—boxes and all. First up: give your dog a nice, long walk around the neighborhood. You’ll both benefit from the exercise and the return to your routine.

When you return to your new home, unbox that special dog box you packed with all your dog’s needs.

Choose one room as your dog’s home base for the first day or two, preferably a room where he can chill out with a good chew or an interactive toy, away from the hustle and bustle of unboxing and arranging furniture.

Set up your dog’s room (or crate, if that’s his happy place), put out his bed and bowls, and plug in the ADAPTIL® Calm Home Diffuser to help start reassuring your dog that this new home is a safe place.

Recreate Your Routine ASAP

While moves mean a myriad of details to settle, take time to return to your dog’s routine as soon as possible.

Walk and feed your dog on schedule, observe his usual bedtime, and don’t forget to plan some fun time with him in your new home.

Some play time and dog cuddles can help soothe not only your dog’s frayed nerves but yours as well—and remind you both that there’s no place like home, even when it’s a brand-new location.

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