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Dog Park Time—Some Simple Dos and Don’ts

Today we have a guest post from Erin Edwards at Pet Treater about a topic that will soon be on everyone’s mind as the weather warms: a trip to the dog park!

Every day for your fur baby is an adventure: waking up, going outside, chasing their tail, eating breakfast, sleeping, etc.….. 

With so many things available for the consumer to spoil their babies, it is no wonder that we are often spoiling more monetarily then emotionally and actively.  The goal is to be well rounded, spoil with love and get the most out of life with the one that gives their life to us. 

A simple trip to the park, believe it or not, can really “seal the deal” on a fun day trip adventure, with little to no cost, and offers amazing exercise and bonding time!

Let’s Just Go (the pros of dog parks)

It may be cliché,  but the park is an absolutely amazing place to for an adventure.  While some may have an acre or more to roam, most do not.  Local community dog parks are amazing and just what the vet ordered! 

Get them out: let them be active, walk, run, and socialize.  Yes, we said socialize.  Our dogs need human and canine companionship too. 

Look up your neighborhood dog walk/park and go test it out

Take the basics for cleanup and hydration (although many dog parks nowadays have all the bells and whistles to cater to your fur baby). 

Now, don’t forget those toys: Frisbee (the old stand-by that NEVER disappoints), balls that allow for damage and rough play, a stick, but don’t poke your eye out, and treats to keep energized.

REMEMBER: if for some reason your dog is not comfortable at the park, don’t push them to do it.  Many vets and pet trainers say that it can cause undue stress and anxiety on our dogs. 

Some dogs do love to be alone with their human or only interact on their own turf—and that is OK, there is plenty you can do on their home front for them!

Be Prepared and Let’s See that Dog Park Etiquette

Proper leash training is vital for not only the safety and security of those around you, but also for your fur baby. 

Typically, most dog parks allow for unleashed play, which is one of the huge benefits of dog parks.  But, just be aware of the getting there and out of there safely

Remember to have proper leashes that fit snuggly without constricting, and even though most safe dog park play is during the day, having glow in the dark collars and leashes is always a plus!

As with the dogs, the pet parents can meet other pet owners and mingle and see what works and doesn’t work in the world of dog park play! 

Get online and find groups for park play time, it is a great way to form relationships for pet parents, too.

It is definitely great socializing for the doggies, if that is their thing. Usually, amazing agility equipment is all around that allows for awesome exercise and fun!

The Cons of Dog Parks

Now as with anything, there are pros and cons to almost everything a pet parent does, and the simple dog park is not exception. 

While you more than undoubtedly err on the side of caution and protection for your fur baby, some do not. 

Many allow their animals to go out and about without proper vaccinations, lack of proper training and obedience, and the inability to play fairly. 

It actually sounds a lot like taking your son or daughter to the public park, huh?  Make sure you monitor play time, and make sure you consult your vet to confirm all your fur babies’ appropriate vaccinations are up to date!

Even the most seasoned dog who loves others, including other dogs, can get overwhelmed around a loud and big environment with other human and dog activity. 

Be aware and be prepared to remove your fur baby if the need arises.

Rewards for the End of the Day Play

It is never a bad thing to reward for a job or a play well done.  Our world today is one of convenience and what better way to spoil, reward, and show love then by having fun toys and healthy treats for your baby sent to you monthly! 

With so many options out there, it is important to remember healthy treats made with your doggie in mind. Toys come and go but look to companies that have durable and fun toys, with healthy treats sourced where it counts!  

To save on time and money, find a monthly pet subscription box that counts and aims to please.  At the end of a long day playing, the last thing you want to do is go to the store, so let the goodies come to you!

However you choose to spend time with your pets remember to put safety and health first for the both of you; and at the end of the day remember to cuddle, love and enjoy your life together.  Every day counts and dog parks are just one way to make the day even better—so get and there and JUST GO!

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