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Does Hobby Lobby Allow Dogs?

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With nearly 1,000 arts and crafts stores across the country, Hobby Lobby is a favorite stop for many crafters when planning a new project. But if you’d like your dog to come along for the shopping fun, you may be wondering: does Hobby Lobby allow dogs?

Are dogs allowed in Hobby Lobby?

We’re happy to say that most Hobby Lobby stores are dog-friendly! While municipal regulations, location or even a manager’s preferences may mean a particular store does not allow dogs, in general Hobby Lobby stores welcome you and your dog to shop together.

How do you know if your local Hobby Lobby store is pet friendly? Check the store locator then give the Hobby Lobby near you a call and ask. You’ll avoid any awkward moments when you first enter the store–and you’ll be more confident when bringing your store. Your dog will sense that confidence, turning the entire shopping experience into a more successful trip for both you and your dog.

Note: If a Hobby Lobby is located in an indoor mall, you may or may not be able to bring your dog depending on the mall’s policies and whether or not the Hobby Lobby store has its own exterior entrance.

Share Your Photos on Social Media

If you bring your dog to Hobby Lobby, be sure to share a photo on your favorite social media channels with the hashtag #HobbyLobbyDog.

How to Make Your Hobby Lobby Trip with Your Dog a Success!

OK, you’ve called and determined that your local Hobby Lobby store is dog friendly. Now what?

You’ll want to take a few extra steps before your trip to make sure you and your dog have a great time.

What to Pack

Bring a fixed leash no longer than 6 feet. Leave the retractable leash at home; you want to keep your dog near you and you don’t want to risk him turning over displays or racing up to other shoppers.

Bring a mat for the cart. If your dog will be riding in the shopping cart, bring a mat or blanket for your dog to sit on. Putting your dog in a cart without something beneath his paws risks his paw getting stuck in the bottom of the cart. (I once had to help a woman extract her dog’s paw from a cart by getting beneath the cart and pushing the yelping dog’s paw up through the cart. Don’t risk this!)

Bring poop bags. If there’s an accident, be prepared to pick it up immediately and clean the area.

Bring a couple of extra tasty treats. Drop a few really good treats in your pocket or dog walking bag. Unless you plan on doing some training in the store you may not need them–but if your dog becomes extremely distracted by a sudden noise, you can use these treats to refocus your dog’s attention back on you.

During the Trip

Make a pit stop before entering the store. Give you dog one more opportunity to potty before entering the store, even if he went before you left home.

Keep your dog at your side. When you stop to shop and examine items, put your dog in a sit if he’s not in a shopping cart.

Can Service Dogs Go to Hobby Lobby?

A trained service dog that is required to assist you is allowed in any Hobby Lobby–even locations that are not pet friendly–under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

This only applies to service dogs; the ADA notes, “The work or task a dog has been trained to provide must be directly related to the person’s disability. Dogs whose sole function is to provide comfort or emotional support do not qualify as service animals under the ADA.”

If your dog is not a trained service dog, do NOT attempt to misrepresent your dog as a service dog–you will be breaking the law if you do this. Depending on where you live, misprepresenting your dog as a service dog can carry a fine of up to $1000.

More Dog Friendly Stores

Be sure to check our list of 100+ dog-friendly stores for places you may be able to shop with your dog in your home town and check other “can I bring my dog” posts for detailed information on specific stores.

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Does Hobby Lobby Allow Dogs?
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