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National Holistic Pet Day

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National Holistic Pet Day recognizes the importance of taking care not only of your pet’s body but also your pet’s mind and soul as well as the ways your dog or cat interacts with the environment as a whole.

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When is National Holistic Pet Day?

National Holistic Pet Day is observed every year on August 30.

Founded by Colleen Paige of the Animal Miracle Foundation and Network, this pet holiday is a great time to take a moment and think about how you can improve your life for your dog to make him healthier and happier at the same time.

What is holistic living?

Holistic living means living to benefit your “whole” life: mind, body and soul.

For our dogs, that means living in a way to benefit them physically through diet and exercise, as well as caring for their body (massage, grooming) and soul (plenty of love and attention, intellectual stimulation and challenge).

How Can You Live Holistically with Your Dog?

Tiki enjoys her first canine massage.

HALO, Purely for Pets natural pet food conducted a survey of 700 pet parents (74.8 percent with dogs and 57.7 percent with cats).

The survey asked what activities these pet parents were currently undertaking to live holistically with their dog or cat and found that:

  • 78.7% of pet owners surveyed exercise their pets regularly
  • 2.1% take their dog for Doga (Dog+Yoga!)
  • 26.2% learn about holistic living at their local pet food or natural food store
  • 59.5% use non-toxic household products
  • 48.9% use natural supplements for skin, coat or digestive care
  • 43.7% take their pets for regular dental check ups
  • 54.8% play mind stimulating activities and games with their pets
  • 5.7% take their pets for acupuncture
  • 44.8% help a local rescue or shelter
  • 47.6% use all natural shampoo and grooming products

While that portion of the survey checked what pet parents are doing at present for their dogs and cats, another portion of the survey asked what pet parents plan to do in the future. The results showed:

  • 38.1% plan to switch to all natural pet food
  • 57.9% committed to getting their pet regular exercise
  • 13.1% would like to try Doga
  • 33.8% will visit their local pet food or natural food store to learn more
  • 50.7% plan to start avoiding ingredients prohibited for humans (such as chicken meal)
  • 38.5% plan to switch to non-toxic household products
  • 42.5 would like to try mind-stimulating games with their dog and/or cat
  • 8% would like to try acupuncture
  • 31.2% will switch to an all-natural shampoo or grooming product

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National Holistic Pet Day
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