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How Your Purchases Can Help The Lucy Pet Foundation

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A popular quote states that “Saving one dog will not save the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.” However, the rescue of one canine has played a part in changing the world of animal welfare forever thanks to a Chihuahua mix named Lucy and The Lucy Pet Foundation.

Lucky Lucy

If you’ve ever seen The Lucy Pet Foundation’s spay/neuter and adoption mobile clinic, you’ve seen Lucy, a Chihuahua mix, and her family of five.

The canine’s contented countenance is a far cry from her appearance on the day she was found roaming on her own, her coat covered in dirt, her toenails unkempt, and her back displaying the disturbing print of tire marks. Her new human friends also soon discovered that she was about to become a mother.

Dubbed Lucy, the pooch found comfort, care and unconditional love at the Herrick household, where she gave birth to a litter of puppies. Not only was Lucy fortunate enough to find her forever family in the Herricks, each of her pups also found their very own pet parent.

Lucy’s luck would go on to extend to other dogs and cats, as her plight prompted Joey Herrick to establish the Lucy Pet Foundation in 2013.

Mission of Mercy

Each year more than four million homeless dogs and cats face their fate in kill shelters for lack of a loving pet parent. Driven to lower this sobering statistic, The Lucy Pet Foundation is striving to place a spay/neuter and adoption mobile clinic in every major city from coast to coast.

Already a vehicle for change, the organization’s current mobile clinic spayed/neutered more than 4,000 companion animals in need in 2016 alone.

Products with a Cause

To aid the non-profit’s effort to reach its goal, all of the net profits from dog and cat products sold by Herrick’s family-owned and -operated company Lucy Pet Products goes to The Lucy Pet Foundation. Offering a range of dog shampoos…

…and Cats Incredible cat litter…

…these “Products with a Cause” are available at pet specialty stores across the country (and they ship worldwide). Check the handy Store Locator to find a store near you–to help the spay and neuter efforts of The Lucy Pet Foundation!

Celebrity veterinarian “Doc” Karen Halligan (the chief veterinary officer of The Lucy Pet Foundation), founder Joey Herrick and Lucy herself take viewers on a tour of the Lucy Pet Foundation’s spay/neuter and adoption mobile clinic in the following video:

For More Information on the Lucy Pet Foundation:

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