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National Border Collie Day

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Every year, one special day is set aside to honor one of the most intelligent and dynamic dog breeds – the Border Collie. National Border Collie Day is not just a day to appreciate these incredible dogs, but also to delve into their fascinating history and remarkable abilities.

black and white border collie with words National Border Collie Day at top of image

We love Border Collies, and both our mixed breed dogs count this breed in their heritage. Barli’s DNA test shows the biggest percentage of his lineage is from the Border Collie breed while Isla also had a Border Collie ancestor.

border collie mix looking at camera
Our Border Collie Mix, Barli

When is National Border Collie Day?

National Border Collie Day is recognized every year on November 24. National Border Collie Day is celebrated by Border Collie enthusiasts and dog lovers worldwide. It’s a day dedicated to appreciating and recognizing the intelligence, agility, and loyalty of this remarkable breed.

This breed is so beloved that you’ll actually find two pet holidays that celebrate these special dogs. Every July 21, Border Collies — along with other collies such as the Smooth Collie, Rough Collie and Bearded Collie — are recognized on World Collie Day.

The History of the Border Collie

Border Collies originated from the borderlands between Scotland and England. Known for their unmatched herding skills, they were bred to be agile, intelligent, and responsive, making them indispensable to shepherds and farmers. This breed has a rich heritage that reflects a deep connection with the pastoral culture.

Why Border Collies Are Special

Border Collies are more than just beautiful dogs with their varied coats, which range from black and white to red, merle, and even tri-color. They’re medium-sized, but it’s their bright, alert eyes that truly capture your heart. However, it’s their personality that sets them apart.

Known for their keen intelligence, they’re quick learners, extremely loyal, and have an energy level that’s unmatched. They’re not just pets; they’re partners–and ones capable of learning a great deal. One of the most famous Border Collies was Chaser who was often labeled as the “world’s smartest dog,” and was known for understanding over 1,000 words.

cover of Chaser book
Chaser: Unlocking the Genius of the Dog Who Knows a Thousand Words

Champions in Work and Play

Border Collies are not just companions; they’re athletes and workers. They excel in various roles, from herding livestock in rugged terrain to winning at agility and obedience competitions.

Their intelligence and agility make them ideal for challenging tasks, including search and rescue missions. It’s no surprise that they often top the list in canine sports and are admired for their work ethic and versatility.

Fun Facts

Border Collies are a fascinating and highly intelligent breed. We have an entire post on fun facts about BCs but here are ten interesting trivia facts about them:

  • The “Eye”: Border Collies have a distinctive herding technique known as “the eye,” where they fix a steady, intense stare to control and herd animals.
  • Hollywood Fame: The breed has starred in movies and TV shows. One of the most famous on-screen Border Collies was “Fly” in the movie Babe.
  • Versatile Athletes: Border Collies excel in dog sports, including agility, obedience, flyball and disc dog competitions, showcasing their agility and intelligence.
  • Life-Saving Heroes: Their intelligence and agility make them excellent search and rescue dogs, often used in disaster zones to locate survivors.
  • Guinness World Record: A Border Collie named Striker holds the Guinness World Record for the fastest car window opened by a dog – he managed to wind down a non-electric car window in 11.34 seconds.
  • Sheepdog Trials: Border Collies are the stars of sheepdog trials, a competitive dog sport where the skills of herding dogs are tested in a controlled environment, demonstrating their natural herding instincts and training.
  • World’s Smartest Dogs: Psychologist Stanley Coren ranks Border Collies as the number one breed in terms of intelligence in his book The Intelligence of Dogs.
  • Name Origin: The name “Border Collie” comes from their breeding origin around the Anglo-Scottish border and the word “collie,” which is a Scottish dialect word used to describe sheepdogs.

As we celebrate National Border Collie Day, let’s remember the unique qualities that make Border Collies so loved. Share your stories, pictures, and experiences with these amazing dogs using the hashtag #NationalBorderCollieDay.

Adopting a Border Collie

Are you interested in adding a Border Collie or Border Collie mix to your family? You’ll find many great adoptables at rescue sites such as:

Petfinder (This is where we found our Barli!)

Border Collie Rescue & Rehab

Midwest Border Collie Rescue

Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue

or search for “border collie rescue near me” for results local to your area.

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