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Infographic: 5 Things Your Dog Should Never Do In the Car

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This is a topic we’re very opinionated about: what your dog should NEVER do in the car. Whether we’re out running around our hometown or traveling long distances with Barli and Tiki, we see many risky behaviors that put not only dog but driver (and passenger) lives at risk. Please take a few moments to read and share this important information.

Many of these tips require little or no investment other than a little time and thought, just as if you were buckling your child in a safety seat (or putting on your own seat belt) The laws are changing in a growing number of states on many of these topics but, regardless of whether your state legislates some of these important safety considerations, please take it on yourself to make sure you are transporting your dog the safest way possible!

Never Let Your Dog Ride Unsecured

Make securing your dog inside the car a habit, just like buckling your own seat belt. If your dog is large, opt for a seat belt made especially for dogs or a crate designed for auto use. Small dogs can ride secured in a carrier, in a raised car seat, or with a harness attached to the seat belt. A secured dog won’t pose a risk to you in a sudden stop and will prevent you from being distracted as you drive. I also love that, upon arrival, I can get the dogs out of the car securely when it is safe to do so without worrying that a dog will jump from the car as soon as I open the door.

Never Let Your Dog Ride in the Passenger Seat

As mentioned above, small dogs can ride in a RAISED car seat designed for dogs. If your dog is sitting in the passenger seat itself, his weight will trigger the air bags in the event of an accident, possibly injuring (or worse) you dog with its 200mph force. If you must let your dog ride in the passenger seat, check to see if you can turn off the passenger side air bag.

Never Let Your Dog Ride with His Head Out the Window

Yes, dogs love to have their heads out the window as you drive and, yes, you’ll see images of happy dogs with their heads out the window literally everywhere. We’ve got a separate post on the dangers of letting your dog put his head out the window while you drive.

Never Let Your Dog Ride in the Back of a Pickup Truck

Although illegal in a growing number of states, allowing your dog to ride in the back of a pickup truck is a bad idea EVERYWHERE.

Never Let Your Dog Remain Unattended in the Car

It only takes minutes for temperatures to rise to dangerous levels. Even in temperate weather, be concerned about auto theft while you are away.

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Monday 12th of August 2013

Love your infographic! Prudence rides in the back seat with a harness (although she's been known to wiggle her way out of it at times!).


Monday 12th of August 2013

Uh oh...Dakota will ONLY sit on the floor. He will NOT sit on the seat of the car.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.