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Keeping Muddy Paw Prints Out of Your Car #Kurgo

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We have to say that we’ve been strangers to mud the past few years…for the most part. Texas has been in a record drought so rainy days have been few…and VERY far…between. This week, though, we got some rain. It was such a novelty that our six-month-old kitten Lucky ran to the window, staring out at what we realized was the first real rain he’s ever seen:

Today’s dog walks brought muddy paws, which meant paw cleaning before coming inside. While we weren’t traveling in the car with the dogs today, we knew that, if we had been, our car seats would have been a muddy mess. We’re hoping (hoping!) for more rainy days this spring so we’re already making plans to keep our car seats mud-free.

Even when it’s not raining, our favorite activities with the dogs include trips to the lake and beach. Besides muddy paws, sandy paws become a real factor on those trips.


Besides rainy days and beach days, we know that many of you have been weathering the incredible snowfall that so many parts of the country have seen this winter–which now means melting snow and slush…and more muddy paws.

Whether you’re trying to keep your car seats clean from muddy OR sandy paws, be sure to check out this fun infographic from Kurgo. Kurgo offers a large line of car set protection products, from bucket and bench seat covers to cargo covers to hammocks!


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