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Fido + Fluffy’s Freebie Friday Slows Down for a Fever

When we look close enough, we can always learn something from our pets. This week, I learned, yet again, another important lesson: take time to … [Read More...]

Thanks for a Great #SimpleSolution Twitter Party!

Wednesday afternoon we had so much fun with To Dog with Love and CatTipper as we co-hosted the Event Barkers #SimpleSolution Twitter party! For an … [Read More...]

I Think We Have a Mountain Lion…

Well, I don't know for certain but I think we might have a mountain lion hanging out in our valley. I've seen reports on Nextdoor that residents of … [Read More...]

Don’t Miss Our Weekly Giveaway!

Although the giveaway badge runs in our right sidebar, I wanted to remind everyone about our new weekly giveaway running in our PawZaar boutique! This … [Read More...]

Prince Charles Visits Therapy Dogs for Dementia Patients

In the United Kingdom there are approximately 850,000 people who are currently living with the effects of dementia. By the year 2025 it is estimated … [Read More...]

Fido + Fluffy’s Freebie Friday Prepares for #SimpleSolution

The countdown is on for next Wednesday's #SimpleSolution Twitter party, sponsored by Simple Solution! This Event Barkers Twitter party will feature … [Read More...]

RSVP for the #SimpleSolution Twitter Party!

The #SimpleSolution Twitter Party is sponsored by Simple Solution. As always, we only share information we feel is relevant to our readers. Simple … [Read More...]