Celebrity Dog Photo of The Day: Jeffrey Dean Morgan with His Dog

He may have the chance to woo some of Tinseltown’s most alluring actresses on both the big and small screens, but when the director yells “That’s a wrap!” Jeffrey Dean Morgan happily heads home to his real life leading lady, a Rottweiler mix named Bisou. For sale along with her siblings on a Venice boardwalk,Dog […]

Celebrity Dog Lover Hall of Fame: Mary Tyler Moore

Mary Tyler Moore with fellow animal advocate Bernadette Peters A tiny, meowing kitten named Mimsie may have been the signature sign off for her production company MTM during her days as the small screen’s sitcom queen, but in real life dogs are the mascots of small screen legend Mary Tyler Moore . The star’s affinity […]

Making a Dog Crinkle Toy from a Water Bottle, Golf Head Cover

Looking for a cheap dog toy using recycled materials? In just a few minutes, you can make your dog a crinkle chew toy from an empty water bottle and a golf club head cover. (No golf club covers in the house? We snagged some for $1 each at the local thrift store. Ours are made […]

Celebrity Dog Photo of The Day: Elisabetta Canalis and Her Dog


She may have caught the eye of one of the world’s sexiest men, but George Clooney’s latest love interest Elisabetta Canalis has already given her heart to the two top dogs in her life– a puppy who answers to the name “Andrea” and a bull terrier called “Vittorio,” Extra reports. (Elisabetta is seen walking one […]

Bodie: Jack Russell Terrier Mix

My Dog: Bodie Age: 3 Breed: Jack Russell mix What I Love About Bodie: He is a very independent (i.e. stubborn!) dog with a rough past and we’ve had to work with him a lot to get him to trust humans again. He has come a long way and now is our constant companion. He […]

Learning Dog Patience–From Isaac Newton

Every dog lover knows that dogs can, now and then, be a little trying. A rambunctious dog can knock over dinner preparations, an exuberant puppy can chew through your purse strap or briefcase handle just minutes before you were heading out the door to work. But that’s nothing new in the world of dog love: […]

Rachael Rossman: Pet Pro Profile


Rachael Rossman: Pet Portrait Artist If you’re a fan of Twitter and Martha Stewart like we are, then you’re already familiar with the work of pet portrait artist Rachael Rossman. The Oregon-based artist created a watercolor of Martha’s French bulldogs, Francesca and Sharkey, that’s been featured both on and on the Twitter page for […]

Peanut and Precious: Chihuahuas

My Dogs: Peanut & Precious Ages: 3 & 2 Breed: Chihuahua What I Love About Peanut and Precious: My kids are just like children. They fight, chase each other and just raise general mayhem. But when I turn out the light at bedtime, they both get under the covers and snuggle up against me. Nothing […]

Celebrity Dog Photo of The Day: Prince William with A Rescue Dog


Prince William may be second in line to the throne, but from the looks of it he’s number one in the eyes Corrie, a lucky search dog who had the opportunity to give the monarch in the making a little puppy love during the royal’s recent outing in Cumbria’s Lake District with members of two […]

Lucy: The Purring Dog

My Dog: Lucy Age: 4-5 years? Breed: Who Knows? What I Love About Lucy: She purrs. She is a very good dog. –contributed by Dan in Delaware

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