“DogTown Unleashed” Webinar Planned Aug. 5 – 8, 2010

While cameras may no longer chronicle the care and compassion received by canines at DogTown, the love fans feel for the dogs seen on the National Geographic Channel series continues to grow. For the pet lovers who bonded with the barking buddies seen over the four season run of the series, Best Friends is hosting […]

Petey: Pit Bull Mix

petey in the bed

My Dog’s Name: Petey Age of My Dog: 5.5 years Breed: pit bull mix What I Love About My Dog: Everything! His sweet eyes, his friendliness and optimism about everything and everyone he goes up to! – contributed by ODG in New York

Preparing for Severe Weather


Although we live several hours from the Texas coastline, this week we’ve been preparing for the arrival of Hurricane Alex. Hurricanes can spawn tornadoes even this far inland and, for us, flooding is always a concern since this is flash flood country. We have a small creek with a low water crossing to reach our […]

Wordless Wednesday: Panama City Dogs


A few years ago, we traveled to Panama on travel writing assignment. We were writing about a resort deep in the jungle but one day we took a Panama Canal cruise from near the resort all the way to Panama City. The city was busy and bustling so we were ready to head back to […]

Review: Our Rescue Dog Family Album


Title: Our Rescue Dog Family Album Author: Dr. Diane Pomerance DogTipper Review: Our family has included a number of rescue dogs over the years. In fact, all but one of our canines came to us either from shelters or by being dumped near our country home. We are always interested in other individuals who adopt […]

Broadway Star John Tartaglia Supports WSPA’s “Animals Matter To Me” Campaign


John Tartaglia has entertained a generation of children on The Disney Channel’s Johnny and The Sprites and with his puppeteering portrayals of Sesame Street characters, but at home its the lovable antics of Tartaglia’s fur family that brings out the inner child in this Tony and Emmy Award-nominated actor/writer. Passionate about pets, Tartaglia– the proud […]

Moose in North Carolina

My Cat’s Name: Moose Age of My Cat: 12 What I Love About My Cat: He is very lovable. Always needs to sit on your tummy. Every morning I wake up, he is sharing my pillow with me. My Cat’s Favorite Things: He loves to sleep and be petted. – submitted by Cawol in North […]

Bo and Luke: Terrier Mix

My Dogs’ Names: Bo & Luke Age of My Dogs: almost 2 years Breed: terrier mix What I Love About My Dogs: They entertain me and my husband every evening when we come home, with their wrestling and chasing each other. –contributed by Bo & Luke’s Mommy in California

Using Diatomaceous Earth to Control Fleas


We’re always looking for non-chemical ways to control fleas in our yard this time of year. One method we use, which is considered one of the safest ways to treat your yard, is the application of Diatomaceous Earth (often just called DE). Diatomaceous earth, which you purchase at garden centers, is basically crushed rock that […]

Apple Pie Dog Treat Recipe


Every so often I make a dog treat recipe that smells so good I just want to stand and snack on it in the kitchen. (The liver training treats would not fall into that category.) This week I made Apple Pie Dog Treats and they smelled so good I not only had to sample them […]

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