Foxxy: Long-Haired Chihuahua


My Dog’s Name: Foxxy Age of My Dog: 2 Breed: Long Haired Chihuahua What I Love About My Dog: She is a fiesty lovable dog that takes on the world nose first, but she knows exactly when to come be the cutest, most comforting companion. We go everywhere together. In this photo, she’s helping me […]

Preparing for BlogPaws West!


The countdown is on now as we look forward to next week’s BlogPaws West conference in Denver! We just received some new business cards we ordered that include our Twitter and Facebook addresses (here are our old business cards) and some postcards about our upcoming Barkonomics: Tips for Frugal Fidos book to put on the […]

Finding Pet Sitter Exchanges


Do you have some travel planned? We’re so lucky in that Paris’ father can come stay with our dogs when we travel so they are able to stay in their own home. Other people we know find pet sitters to come hire to come to their home while some depend on neighbors to come by […]

Dexter in Canada


My Cat’s Name: Dexter Age of My Cat: 4 months What I Love About My Cat: He has been raised with a Giant Schnauzer and a Mini Schnauzer and Dex has become a “puppy-cat” he really thinks that he is part of the pack, comes when you call, sits on command and is 90% there […]

Jackson: French Spaniel


My Dog’s Name: Jackson Age of My Dog: 3 years old Breed: French Spaniel What I Love About My Dog: He is always there when I get home , all he asked for is a walk, I see he depends a lot on me and so do I on him for the bad days. I […]

maurices Rescues & Runways Spotlights Shelters


For the second year, retailer maurices is teaming up with local shelters to shine the spotlight on the thousands of adoptable pets. During the month of September, the Rescues and Runways program will join the forces of over 760 maurices stores, the ASPCA, and local animal shelters to raise money for shelters with many stores […]

Ask Dr. Diane: My Lab Scavenges!


My chocolate lab is such a scavenger when we walk. All he does is search the gutter for food scraps of any kind. Should we be varying his diet more? We only feed him dry food. Will switching it up cause him to seek out scraps on the street less? I’m also worried that changing […]

Celebrating Two Years!


Tonight we’ve been celebrating both Tiki’s second birthday (actually the second anniversary of her adoption) and the second birthday of DogTipper! (We’ll take a look back at the last two years at DogTipper later this week but tonight’s all about Tiki!) We were on the road Friday and Saturday in Los Angeles covering an Emmy […]

Baseball Star Frank Herrmann Attends Puppypalooza

The first ever Puppypalooza scored a home run with both baseball buffs and their barking buddies as close to 500 sports fans and 269 of their family Fidos converged at Progressive Field at a pre-game get together for a good cause on August 26th. Presented by Progressive Insurance (which also carries insurance for your four-legged […]

Bella in Virginia


My Cat’s Name: Bella Age of My Cat: 1 year old What I Love About My Cat: Bella is feisty and playful, and can flip her tail around like a propeller when she’s excited! My Cat’s Favorite Things: Catnip, string, milk bottle rings, “Temptations” treats, scratching posts, climbing her cat tree, her best friend, Theo. […]

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