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Grace Sydney is the Assistant Editor of and, covering celebrity-related rescue news. She operates the @HollywoodDogs Twitter account sharing information on celebrity fundraising for rescues and shelters.

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Dog Art: New Zealand Dog Sculptures

Edgar Degas once said that “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” Throughout history, artists have unleashed their talent through the medium of sculpture to help the public see the true beauty of our pals with paws. In the first of DogTipper’s periodic series of articles about fine art and […]

#PawPromise Adoptable Dog of the Week: Farrah

Hi! I’m Farrah, and just like the actress I was named after, I’m an “Angel!” Did you know that Farrah means “joy”? That’s what I plan to give to my forever pet parent– you’re looking at nine pounds of pure happiness! I can’t wait until I find someone special to love. I promise to stay […]

Prince Lorenzo Borghese Helps Georgia Rescues

A former reality star with a royal pedigree, Prince Lorenzo Borghese– who went in search of a soul mate in season nine of The Bachelor— helps our four-legged friends in their search for a new lease on life as the co-founder of Animal Aid USA. In mid-August the high-profile pal to those with paws (who […]

Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon to Help Animals in Need

Stoked to show their support for a paws cause, some really rad Rovers are getting ready to ride the waves in the Helen Woodward Animal Center’s 11th annual Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon Surfing Competition! On September 11th a pack of over 80 Moondoggies will hang 20 at Dog Beach in Del Mar, California. The 10-minute heats […]

California Pizza Bars Help Rescues, Launch #PatioPup Contest

California’s “dog-friendliest pizza bar” invites pet parents and their pals with paws to enjoy a taste of the good life on National Dog Day! Puppy Patio Party On August 25th from 5:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. HOT ITALIAN Pizza Bar will host a Puppy Patio Party and Instameet at the franchise’s Davis location. After pet […]

#PawPromise Adoptable Dog of the Week: Chaparro

Hey there! I’m Chaparro, which means “short.” Personally, I don’t think people call me that because of my stature…I think it’s my name because I’m nothing short of amazing! I bet I know what it was about me that caught your eye…it was my pretty peepers, right? I have corneal dystrophy, which doesn’t affect my […]

Rescue Stars in “Downward Dog”

When the ABC comedy series Downward Dog makes its debut as a mid-season replacement, television viewers can tune in to cheer for the acting chops of a dog who has gone from life in a shelter to a life in the spotlight. A dog named Ned portrays Martin, a shelter dog who finds his forever […]

Queen Mary 2 Expands Kennels on Pet-Friendly Cruise Ship

From Elizabeth Taylor’s tail-wagging chums to The Duke and Duchess of Windsor’s regal Rover, historically pampered dogs and cats traveled in style aboard the original Queen Mary. Today dog passengers are treated like the stars they are when they board the  Queen Mary 2, the only pet-friendly cruise ship that welcomes pets (although they must […]

#PawPromise Adoptable Dog of the Week: Sadie

Hello! I’m Sadie. Did you know that my name means “princess”? My favorite fairy tale princess is Aurora from Sleeping Beauty, because on the day when I was found sleeping on a neighbor’s doorstep it started me on the road to turning my dream of finding a forever pet parent to love from reverie into […]

Austin Pet Expo, Aug. 20-21 #AmazingPetExpo

In a city known as The Live Music Capital of the World, the sound of playful barking will be music to the ears of dog lovers during the Austin Pet Expo, a two-day celebration of all our pals with paws and claws. Activities Watch as talented tail-waggers work their way through weave poles, tackle a […]