National Love Your Pet Day is February 20th

woman-163747_1280-2-900x600-optFebruary is known as the month of love, and while the 14th may be a time to tell those on two feet how much they mean to us, dog devotees can celebrate ‘puppy love’ in the truest sense during a day set aside as a virtual Valentine to the friendships we form with the members of our fur family.

Although February 20th has been marked as a date to show appreciation for our pals with fur, fins or feathers, all pets parents know that every day is National Love Your Pet Day. In fact, in a recent survey conducted by VetIQ more than 80 percent of those queried revealed that their canine or cat companion receives more smooches than their significant other.

From treats and toys to taking photos of Rover to remember the day, what will you and your barking buddy do to celebrate National Love Your Pet Day? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  • Dawn Rasor

    I recently made a huge batch of doggie pumpkin pie flavored cookies that I keep in the freezer to keep them fresh. My boys Murphy and Izzo will be getting extra love and treats!!!! Plus I make then in tiny sized bones for the Boston Terrier & Yorkie across the street and also make extra large bones for the labs next door along with the collie cutouts for my collies! I get extra kisses too!!!

    • Yum…I’ll bet those are some happy doggies!! What a beautiful photo of your sweeties!

  • JoAnn Stancer

    For sure my four leggers get more kisses than my husband. 🙂