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Review: Make Dogs Your Life Course, Lesson 3

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I’m so excited to now be on Week Three of the Make Dogs Your Life course for dog trainers. With each week’s lesson, I’m learning more not only about dog training but about working with people to help them improve their life with their dog, which, of course, is what DogTipper is all about.

Last week’s lesson covered group classes while this week’s lesson looked at individual sessions, which was very applicable to my needs. We encourage readers to ask us questions about the challenges they are facing with their dogs. While those questions are via email, I found some great tips in this week’s lesson on how to work with those readers to draw out more information about the problem so as to best address and solve that difficulty they are having with their dog.

Fernando Camacho, the founder of Make Dogs Your Life, specializes in individual consultations so he had excellent tips on working in a home setting with a dog owner. Like other weeks in the Make Dogs Your Life session, this week’s lesson featured a detailed video covering not only how to conduct individual consultations but also covering some of the most commonly seen problems Camacho encounters. As with the other weeks, this week’s lesson was also accompanied by written material on the topic.

One aspect of the course, and of Fernando Camacho’s style in general, that I really like and appreciate is his  emphasis on working with, not against, the dog owner. He provides good tips on gently steering owners away from training methods or tools they may be using in a diplomatic way that can help dog owners realize the success they can have by tweaking their training style or perhaps changing training tools. With his easy-going style, he presents a good role model for creating a successful dog training business with happy clients and, most importantly, clients that are happy to learn and use their new skills in improving their lives with their dogs.

For more information, visit the Make Dogs Your Life course for dog trainers website and be sure to follow Make Dogs Your Life on Facebook and Twitter.

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Disclosure: We are receiving the Make Dogs Your Life course for review; we are not paid for our review and all statements and opinions are entirely our own.

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