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Review: Make Dogs Your Life Course, Lesson 5

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Once again, I’ve been reminded how glad I am that I’m taking the Make Dogs Your Life course for dog trainers as a virtual course rather than a classroom course. Between some freelance assignments and running four blogs, our schedule became super busy the past couple of weeks. I missed last Monday’s Make Dogs Your Life post because of that hectic schedule…but it didn’t matter a bit. I was able to just pick up where I left off.

And I’m so glad I didn’t try to rush through this week’s lesson, which I might have if I’d been under a tighter timetable. This week’s lesson covered Aggressive Dogs, a very important topic.

Our dogs Tiki and Irie are not aggressive dogs but one of our previous dogs, Alby, was. She came to us as a stray who appeared at our gate; her leg had been broken and healed on its own. She had experienced a rough life before she came here. An Australian Cattle Dog, Alby had a pretty good idea of her own just how things should be handled here and she was a devoted watchdog to the end. She never bit anyone but, through the years, she kept more than one workman in his truck on arrival here.

As always, Fernando Camacho had excellent suggestions in this week’s lesson, a 90-minute video and accompanying written material. This week’s lesson featured a video of a seminar Camacho had taught about working with aggressive dogs. Camacho talked about working with both dog-dog aggression and dog-human aggression. And I learned one of the simplest tricks but one that could be so valuable: when working with a potentially aggressive dog (or dogs in a shelter situation where their temperament is unknown), wear heavy blue jeans to protect yourself!

Since many of the questions we receive from DogTipper readers cover problems with aggression, I watched this video twice, another feature I really love about this virtual course.

For more information, visit the Make Dogs Your Life course for dog trainers website and be sure to follow Make Dogs Your Life on Facebook and Twitter.

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