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Thankful for My Dog Day (+ 10 Reasons I’m Thankful for Ours!)

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November is a time for giving thanks–and one day is set aside to give special thanks to our dogs. Dogs–who are at our side through thick and thin–love us unconditionally. That’s definitely something to give thanks for!

November 23 is Thankful for My Dog Day

When is Thankful for My Dog Day?

Thankful for My Dog Day is observed on November 23.

This pet holiday was founded in 2020 by M.Y.O.S. Canine Muscle Formula and gives thanks for all that our dogs give us each and every day.

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Why I’m Thankful for Our Dogs

We’re approaching the holidays, a season of love and laughter and, most especially, of thanks for all that we have in our lives. In our home, many of our thanks are for our dogs and cats. Our dogs and cats make our family complete, and make our days joyous year around.

10 reasons I'm thankful for our dogs

I’d like to look at 10 of the many reasons I’m thankful for our dogs each and every day!

dog kiss

Joy of Unconditional Love

Having a bad hair day? Too busy with work to clean the house? Well, the dogs just don’t care. They love us no matter what.

dog in hay smiling

Joy in Simple Fun

Our dogs take joy in the simplest fun: rolling in the grass, wading in the creek, and sitting on the porch. They inspire me to do the same.

dog and cat - joy of family

Joy of Family

Our dogs love nothing better than just hanging out with their fellow family members, whether that means us, each other, or our cats. Family comes first with these two.

joy in meeting new people

Joy in Meeting New People

I have to admit that I’m sometimes a little shy around new people–but our dogs, especially Tiki, just LOVE to meet new people.

With the dogs along on our travels, I’ve had the chance to meet many fellow dog lovers and always find that conversation comes so easily when there’s a four-legged topic standing right in front of us.

joy in pet rescue

Joy in Rescue

Every day, our dogs remind me of all the great pets waiting for forever homes in shelters and rescues everywhere–like our Ochi was at Austin Pets Alive when we adopted her from the ringworm ward.


Joy in Exercise

I have to confess that I sometimes get caught up in work and have a hard time pulling away from my computer. Our dogs never fail to remind me when it’s time for their twice-daily walks.

For all the benefit it does them to exercise and have a consistent schedule in their lives, though, I know that I’m the one receiving the most benefit from our dog walks. Not only does it get me up and moving but it also reminds me to stop and enjoy the world around me. My phone stays in my bag, and I cherish this quiet time with the dogs on our walking trails.

dog looking at turkey

Joy in Mealtime

There’s no question that Thanksgiving is one of my favorite meals of the year but, like Irie and Tiki, I want to maintain that same mealtime appreciation throughout the year. Barli finds joy in every meal and every homemade treat, no matter how simple.

dogs at lake

Joy in Slowing Down

In this digital age, life can be hectic–too hectic. Our dogs know that the best things in life don’t come with a screen or a keyboard. They inspire me to unplug, slow down, and just enjoy the moment.

dog in park

Joy in Travel

John and I spent two decades traveling and living on planes and in hotel rooms. I have to admit that sometimes I got a little jaded about our travels–but our dogs have reminded me of the sheer joy of discovery when visiting a new destination, whether it’s a beach getaway or a new pocket park. Unlike my concerns over a long check-in line, a delayed flight, or a traffic jam, our dogs just see the joy of new sights and smells.

dogs in woods

Joy in Home

And for all their love of travel, our dogs like nothing better than just to enjoy their home, whether that’s a lazy morning on the couch, an afternoon in the office, or a hike in the woods around our house. They are a great reminder to me, especially during this hectic time of year, that there really is no place like home.

That’s a lot to be thankful for–no matter what the season!

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Thankful for My Dog Day
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