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Review: Make Dogs Your Life, Lesson 9

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It’s hard to believe I’m now three-fourths of the way through the Make Dogs Your Life course for dog trainers. With each lesson, I’m enjoying learning about a segment of the dog training business.

This week’s lesson focused on real-life examples of dog training as Fernando Camacho drew from six examples of clients he has worked with in the past. As we’ve written about previously, Camacho typically works through individual consultations with clients rather than in a group setting, allowing him to get to quickly get to the root of the difficulty the owner is experiencing with their dog.

In this week’s examples, Camacho talked about both successful interactions with clients and, in one example, one example in which he finally had to tell the owner that he wasn’t the trainer for her. Both types of examples are ones that are valuable and reinforce the fact that, for better or for worse, “Your client is the person, not the dog,” as Camacho explains.

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