#SuperDogPics Preview: K-10+ Nutritional Supplements for Dogs

Product: K-10+™ Nutritional Supplements What it is: Water soluble dietary supplements for dogs Manufacturer: K-10+, Chesapeake Beach, Maryland (Made in USA) DogTipper Review: K-10+™ offers a variety of nutritional supplements, all designed to augment a dog’s normal diet and ensure that he gets all the vitamins and other nutrients he needs for optimum health. There […]

Review: Dog Tag Art

Product:  Dog Tag Art Virtual Leash What it is: Personalized pet tags linked to online profile Manufacturer: Dog Tag Art, Asheville, NC (Made in USA) DogTipper Review: In a case of necessity being the mother of invention, Dog Tag Art’s Virtual Leash system was launched in 2010 when founder Jack Carrier’s Labrador Retriever, Maggie, kept […]

What’s New: Fresh Dog Waterless Bath Foam and Dry Shampoo

Product: Fresh Dog Waterless Bath Foam and Dry Shampoo What it is: Waterless dog deodorizing products Manufacturer: Fresh Dog (Rarity Beauty, LLC), New Hope, PA (Made in USA) How often do you bathe your dog? With our two canines, the answer is usually “Not often enough!” Fresh Dog, affiliated with hair care company Lock & […]

Review: Doodie Pack

Product: Doodie Pack What It Is: small backpack for dogs for carrying  dog waste, hand sanitizer and your walking essentials Manufacturer: Doodie Pack (Made in USA) DogTipper Review: Does your walk leave you with a pocketful of items to carry…and, a few minutes into the walk, a bag full of waste to tote for the […]

Review: L.G.Potter Personalized Pet Bowls

Product: L.G. Potter Personalized Pet Bowls What it is: beautiful clay bowls made on a potter’s wheel in a variety of styles and colors Manufacturer: potter L.G. Barnes; based in St. Louis (made in USA) DogTipper Review: Let’s face it: eating is a real high point in the day for our dogs. Their bowls are […]

Review: Vittles Vault Jr.

Product: Vittles Vault Jr. What it is: Pet food storage container Manufacturer: Gamma², Carlsbad, CA. (Made in USA) DogTipper Review: Although most dry pet foods come in “resealable” packaging to keep them fresh after they are opened, we usually prefer to decant our pets’ food into rigid containers whenever possible. We find that this method […]

Review: Snap Dog Designs Shorty Bait Bag

As I’ve mentioned before, we do a lot of treat training with our dogs. They like it, and we like it! Treat training, of course, means that you’ve got to have a handy place to put those treats. We just received a super cute bait bag by Snap Dog Designs that’s as functional as it […]

Review: Bo Regards ICE Plaque

Product: ICE Plaque What It Is: decorative plaque that alerts firefighters that you have pets in your home in case of an emergency Manufacturer: Bo Regards, Inc. (made in USA) DogTipper Review: We know that for us and for our readers, our pets are definitely a part of the family, to be protected as family […]

What’s New: BB-Beds (Bungee Burrow Beds)

Spring means spring cleaning and a renewed emphasis on keeping everything–including your dog’s bedding–clean and fresh. We’ve just learned about a stylish and unique bed for dogs that love to burrow. BB-Beds (Bungee Burrow Beds) will appeal dogs and other pets that love to burrow and will appeal to you for the stylish array of […]

What’s New: My Dog Stinks® Odor Spray

We love our dogs but don’t always love the way they smell, a situation shared by most dog lovers we know. And, with the coming of warmer weather, doggie odors become even more of a problem. So, our ears pricked up when we heard about a product which promises to wipe out the problem with […]