Pet Training Fun with #TuesdayMorning


May is National Pet Month — but every month is a good time to build your bond with your pets through training and play. While training may have once been considered a chore that you got out of the way when puppies were young (and perhaps never with kittens), today’s pet parents realize that training […]

10 Plants to Remove from Your Dog’s Yard


I have to admit that I love sago palms. I love the look of them and the tropical feel they give a yard. But we don’t have a sago palm — and we’ll never have a sago palm — because they’re deadly to dogs. One of many, many toxic plants you’ll find on the ASPCA […]

How Many Treats Should You Give Your Dog?


Whether you use them for training purposes, to calm your dog during a stressful time, or just to reward your dogs for being your buddy, treating your dog can strengthen the bond between you and your four-legged best buddy. Of course, giving extra treats between meals has the potential for busting your dog’s diet. Some […]

Helping Your Dog Stay Calm at the Vet’s Office


Today was Irie’s annual veterinary exam. She’d been at the vet’s office just six weeks ago to check on some limping we were worried about (she had TPLO surgery for an ACL tear at the end of August) but, nonetheless, she gets stressed when she goes to the vet. Let’s face it: the vet’s office […]

Does Your Dog Need a Life Jacket?


This post is sponsored by Canine Care Products. Swimming seems as easy and natural to a dog as, well, dog paddling, right? Wrong. Not all dogs can swim and, of those who can, not all are good swimmers. And even good swimmers can find themselves in situations that challenge their swimming abilities. Which Dogs Have […]

Welcoming a New Pet


There’s no doubt that one of the most joyous times in a pet parent’s life is the day you add a member to your furry family. We have such fond memories of the adoption days of Irie and Tiki as well as those of three of our cats (most recently little Lucky, who just celebrated […]

How to Determine the Right Toy for Your Dog


Today we have a special guest post from by Louisa Marvin, Product Marketing Manager of Jolly Pets: With so many dog toy options out there, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. We know you can often become frustrated when your dogs won’t play with or enjoy the toys they spent money on. Well, we’re here […]

Day Trip Safety with Your Dog


This post is brought to you by Kurgo, a company we rely on for many of our dog travel needs! As we told you about last month, John and I have been busily running around updating our Day Trips from Austin guidebook. The book focuses on trips within a two-hour drive of the city so […]

#Infographic: Identifying Treats and Toxins to Your Dog

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 5.06.15 PM

Trick or treat may be a favorite Halloween cry — but making sure you select foods and treats that are safe for your dog rather than toxic is a year-around worry. Some foods that are perfectly safe for humans including onions, grapes, and chocolate are toxic to our dogs. With Easter just around the corner, […]

10 Ways Your Dog Can Help a Child Develop Emotional Intelligence


We all know that dogs can teach us so much — but that learning extends to our children as well. Today we have a special guest post from child and parenting expert Denise Daniels offers 10 ways that dogs can help your child develop emotional intelligence (EQ) skills. Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the process by […]

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