Fetch our free Holiday Treat Cookbook!

The countdown is definitely on to the holiday season–and nothing says holidays like holiday treats! We’ve got a new, free cookbook for you including recipes to our goodies ranging from Cranberry Dog Treats to Fido’s Fruitcake, all in an easy PDF form. To download your cookbook, just add your email to our subscription list (you […]

Returning Home After a Storm — How to Keep Your Pets Safe

We see a lot of great advice about preparing for evacuation in the event of a storm–but today we received some excellent information from the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) about safety measures to take AFTER the storm. Whether you need this for your own pets as you prepare to return home or for a […]

#LucyPet Shares Hurricane Evacuation Advice

This morning, I received an email from Lucy Pet Products with some great advice for those evacuating from Hurricane Irma. Lucy Pet Products and Lucy Pet Foundation have been here in Texas helping the lost, injured, and homeless animals of Brazoria County–so they’ve seen firsthand the devastation that hurricanes will bring. In the hours before […]

How to Evacuate to a Hotel with Your Dog

Watching the images of Hurricane Irma as it approaches both Florida and the Caribbean islands that we wrote about for so many years, we’re so sad to see yet another region undergoing the devastation that Texas experienced last month. As many Floridians plan to get out of the storm’s path, we wanted to share a […]

Shopping Dollar Stores for Shelter Donations

The sadness is palpable here in Central Texas, so close to the Hurricane Harvey disaster area that stretches from here east and south all the way to the coast. This morning when I was buying a newspaper, the lady at the register shook her head and, with tears in her eyes, said, “We are just […]

Best Friends Animal Society’s Strut Your Mutt Events

Taking steps to help dogs and cats in need with every step they take, pet parents and their pups in cities from coast to coast are preparing for Strut Your Mutt, a nationwide event unleashed each year by a non-profit organization that always goes the extra mile to help our pals with paws– Best Friends […]

How to Ride an Elevator with Your Dog

Recently we stayed at a La Quinta with Irie and Tiki and enjoyed a third floor room. While we often took the stairs to walk off the many hours we’d spent in the car and on a nursing home visit, we also took the elevator numerous times. Irie and Tiki both did great but I […]

What is Dry Drowning–and Is Your Dog at Risk?

Recently we shared with you our tips for your dog’s first beach vacation. But whether it’s your dog’s first trip to the beach or, like us, a weekly getaway to a lake beach, it’s important to take precautions to make sure your dog doesn’t get into trouble with the potentially deadly elements of extreme heat […]

12 Tips for Traveling with Your Dog in Extreme Heat

We love summer, and we love traveling with our dogs–but sometimes the two just don’t mix. When temperatures reach dangerous levels, we generally postpone our dog travel for more temperate days. Sometimes, though, life gets in the way and you just HAVE to travel. We recently had to make a nursing home visit with four […]

How Hot Is TOO Hot for Your Dog?

How hot is TOO hot for your dog? With temperatures hovering around 100 degrees here every day into the foreseeable future, we have to schedule our dog fun in the early morning (evening remain too hot) or around the water. The temperatures are too hot for our dogs’ paws and for them to cool themselves […]