Renaming Your New Dog: 2 Easy Tricks!

Should you rename your newly-adopted dog if you don’t like his or her name? Let’s face it: some names just don’t roll off our tongues with ease. Other names bring up unpleasant memories of previous connections. And some names just don’t seem a good fit for your newest family member. In all our years of […]

Planning Your Spring Garden? Make Sure It’s Dog-Friendly #Infographic

It is definitely starting to feel like spring here with a few early wildflowers starting to pop up. Today John planted a cypress tree, and I’ve got plans for some plantings in the coming weeks. If you’ve got gardening plans for your yard, we’ve got an infographic to share with you from Compost Direct. Be […]

8 Reasons to Walk Your Dog!

As we take our first tentative steps into the new year, many of us may already find ourselves struggling with our resolution to exercise more. One way to go that extra mile in order to keep your commitment to keep fit is to enjoy a daily dog walk (or two!) January is National Walk Your […]

Winter Dog Baths: 7 Ways to Clean Your Dog During Cold Weather

Time for a dog bath? Hmm…if you’re like us and dog baths are usually an outdoor activity, it’s time for Plan B. Even here in central Texas, most days are way too chilly for a dog bath so we’re getting creative with the bath options. It’s important to keep up a grooming routine even during […]

10 Fun Winter Activities for Your Dog

Rachael Ray Nutrish has sponsored this post, but all opinions are my own. After the long, hot summers that we experience here in Texas, I always look forward to winter. While we can only hope for snow every three to five years, we do have quite a bit of chilly weather from now until February. […]

Video Created to Help Calm Dogs Who Fear Fireworks

For many holiday revelers, celebrations and fireworks seem to go hand in hand. However, while people turn their eyes to the sky to delight in the sight of a pyrotechnics presentation, the eyes of frightened dogs are frantically searching for an escape from the confusing bombardment of flashing lights and loud noises. Let’s face it: […]

How to Make a Lost Dog Kit

You’re driving around your neighborhood when suddenly you spot a lost dog. He has no collar, and he’s running down the sidewalk. How are you going to lure him toward you and how, if you decide it’s safe to transport him, are you going to leash him up when he has no collar and you […]

We’re Taking the #PAW5EnrichedLifeChallenge — Will You?

Earlier this year, you’ll remember our Event Barkers Twitter party for the PAW5 Rock ‘n Bowl, an innovative way to make eating more engaging. You pour the food right onto the paw print, it then slides down a chamber and into the lower portion of the bowl and, bit by bit, out the holes in […]

8 Tips for Leaving Your Dog Home with Family Members

This Wednesday through Friday I’m gone to Pittsburgh for a trip sponsored by Nutrish. I’ll be joining many of the other Nutrish influencers to tour a local shelter, walk adoptable dogs, and more. I’m flying there and back so Irie and Tiki will be home all day, every day with John. It’s not like we’re […]

Infographic: Moving with Pets

Moving is a stressful time–whether you have two or four legs. With so many details to manage, from coordinating arrangements with movers to finding and settling in a new home, it’s especially important to put one person in the family in charge of your pets’ care. That person, whether you’re boxing and unboxing or checking […]