Which Leash Should You Use?


Yes, we only have two dogs…but we probably have at least 20 leashes in our house! Besides the leashes that we use for twice-daily dog walks, we have specialty leashes for swimming, extra long leashes for training, glowing leashes for night walks, and more. We’ve written a new freelance article for Pawster.com about “Dog Leashes: […]

What’s Your Winter Dog Walking Routine?


Are you surrounded by snow right now? There were hints that we might, MIGHT get a few flurries this morning but they didn’t materialize. (Sometimes I think that Texas weathercasters just like to bring out that snow icon…) So, while today’s temperatures are chilly by our standards, our dog walk went on as usual. But […]

Do You Know the Flip, Check, Treat Routine? (video)

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 12.51.42 PM

Banfield Veterinarian Dr. Andrea Sanchez discusses the problem of dog dental disease and what pet owners can do to help prevent it in this exclusive video for National Pet Dental Health Month! Learn why dog dental health is no laughing matter, what to include in a dental care program, and how to include the “Flip, […]

Let’s Make Today #ValentinesForDogs Day!


Saturday may be Valentine’s Day…but FRIDAY is Valentine’s for Dogs Day! Milk-Bone, Pup-Peroni, Milo’s Kitchen, and Canine Carry Outs are working to create this special day to recognize the love our four-legged family members give and receive on Valentine’s for Dogs Day, February 13! Showing your dog your love doesn’t have to involve a lot […]

Keeping Your Dog Bed Clean with a Kurgo Duvet


OK, let’s just say it like it is: dogs can be dirty. And this time of year, when snow, slush, and rain can mean muddy paws, some of that dirt can wind up on your dog’s bed. And winter won’t be an end to the doggie dirt but just the beginning, thanks to spring rains […]

What Chemicals Are in De-Icing Materials?


If you live in the Northeast, you’re all too well aware that a blizzard is coming. To keep cities moving as much as possible, cities put de-icing materials on streets and sidewalks. But just what is in those de-icing chemicals? Well, the answer varies. When we think of de-icing, we often picture this: THOSE de-icing […]

Getting Fit for #SuperDogSunday – When Activity Levels Are Limited


As our regular readers know, Irie and Tiki love to stay active. Whether on their twice-daily walks, a hilly hike on our land, a trip to the beach, or a day trip to an area lake, these girls like to be on the move. But, as you also know, on August 23, Irie tore her […]

Infographic: Winter Dog Care


As I write this, we’re preparing for a winter storm here. Living in Texas, we don’t have a fraction of the winter problems that many areas face but we’ve got a real possibility of ice and sleet in the coming days. Shelters are making plans to move all their dogs indoors, and the newscasters are […]

10 New Year’s #Resolutions for You and Your Dog!


The new year is upon us…so it’s time for those New Year’s Resolutions! We’ve got 10 suggestions below that we hope you’ll share (they all include a Pinterest Pin button) with your favorite dog lovers! Buckle Up: Resolve to take the time to safely secure your dog in the car on ALL car trips, regardless […]

Identifying Safe–and Dangerous–Treats [Infographic]


We all want our treats to be a TREAT for our dogs, but sadly those treats can turn into an emergency trip to the vet hospital if you choose poorly. We’re sharing an infographic from Vet-Medic.com with a quick and easy guide to what’s a treat…and what’s trouble. On the topic of rawhides, which you […]

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