How Often Should You Wash Your Dog’s Bowl?


This post is sponsored by Paws For-A-Cause, a family-owned company featuring USA-made goods for you and your dog. Save 15% off your purchase with coupon code SUMMER-SAVINGS by shopping before 8/31! How often do you wash your dog’s food bowl? Let’s be honest: after most of our dogs are finished with their meals, the bowl […]

Infographic: 10 Reasons to Choose Rescue


We have chosen rescue many, many times…and we couldn’t be happier. I remember clearly the day, as a teenager, when we went to the shelter to pick out Pepsi, a beautiful shepherd mix. Since Pepsi, we have shared our hearts and our homes with so many furry family members, each from local shelters. Our PawZaar […]

Why You Need Lighted Dog Gear


During the summer months, our evening walk turns into almost a night walk because of the heat. It’s often still 90 degrees at 8pm here so we wait…and wait…for temperatures to cool before we head off on the evening walk. Of course, that means not only is the heat dissipating, but so is the light. […]

Is Your Dog at Risk from Killer Bees?


At our house, we have an important rule: no mowing unless we’re both home and the dogs are in the house. The reason is simple: the sound of the mower can aggravate killer bees, if they’re present in the area, and cause them to attack. There have been several deaths and numerous attacks in Texas, […]

Is Your Dog at Risk for Chagas Disease?


Years ago when were on assignment in a remote part of Belize, we were warned to tuck the mosquito netting beneath the mattress at night. Besides the issue of mosquitoes in our hut, there was the risk of a bite by a kissing bug. All night, I listened for the telltale “kissing” sound that the […]

How to Transition Your Dog to a New Dog Food #FoodforFreeSpirits


When we wrap up our Solid Gold dog food giveaway in a few days, one lucky reader will win holistic dog food for free spirits from Solid Gold® Holistic Pet Nutrition. But what does that mean for the dog, if he or she has previously been eating a different brand of food? Or if you […]

5 Tips to #PreventLostPets

Paris & Henry

As you probably know from our Pet Holiday calendar, July is Lost Pet Prevention Month. The topic of lost pets is one that’s very dear to me. My very first dog, Henry, was lost and never recovered… These days, I’m somewhat of a lost dog magnet. If there’s a lost dog in the area, he […]

Summer Pet Safety Tips #TuesdayMorning


There’s no question that summer and pets go hand in paw. Summer’s relaxed schedule is perfect for long, lazy days with your pet doing nothing at all or action-packed vacation days you’ll remember forever. Whether you’re staying at home this summer with your pets or taking to the road for a dog-friendly vacation, be sure […]

Infographic: Summer Pet Safety Tips

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 4.29.13 PM

Summer is definitely a time of fun in the sun with our dogs — but it’s a time when there are doggie dangers to be aware of as well. Today we wanted to share this important infographic from ASPCA regarding dangers your dog faces during these summer months including: Fireworks & Thunderstorms: Loud noises like […]

Adding Fish Oil to Your Dog’s Diet


As you know from our book Barkonomics, we’re always looking for ways to make sure our dogs lead a healthy, happy life without breaking the bank. Well, one way is the addition of fish oil to their diet. We recently tried Wild Omega-3 Fish Oil from Bonnie & Clyde Premium Pet Goods, a product that’s […]

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