Training Your Dog with Positive Reinforcement

As our regular readers know, both Irie and Tiki were trained using positive reinforcement techniques, something we credit both for moving along their training faster and for creating a deeper bond between us. Today we have a special guest post from Aly DelaCoeur of the dog training video site about positive reinforcement training. Positive […]

How to Prevent Canine Tick Problems

Living in the country, we’re no stranger to ticks. With warm weather right around the corner, we know that ticks will be arriving soon, too. Today we have a post and infographic on this important topic from Carrington College to help you prepare for these unwelcome spring arrivals. Ticks are extremely resilient creatures. They live […]

How to Give Your Dog a Bath During the Winter Months

We may be counting down until the calendar switches from winter to spring–but in many locations, warm weather lags far behind that switch of seasons. We usually bathe Irie and Tiki outdoors but, during the winter months, that bathing routine has to switch up a bit unless the temperatures rise into the mid-80s where we […]

Preparing for Spring

The calendar may say winter but spring is just around the corner in this part of the country. (And, if you’re still shoveling snow, have no fear…warm weather is headed to your region soon, too!) The garden centers here are already filled with plants, fertilizers, and every kind of garden concoction under the sun. As […]

Working to Make Tiki’s Meals Last Longer + Be More Fun!

January is just about synonymous with weight loss. Let’s face it: we all tend to overindulge over the holidays. Coupled with the bad weather that all too often keeps us indoors (or gives us a handy excuse for staying in), the pounds can pack on–not only on us but on our dogs. One of Tiki’s […]

Make Your Dog a Toy with this #BestFriends Video!

OK, the big day is here. Feeling bad because your dog doesn’t have a toy under the tree? Have no worries: Best Friends Animal Society has got you covered! Regardless of your DIY skills, you’ll find some great ideas for easy homemade toys in this video, ones that won’t require a run to the store. […]

The Joys Of Adopting A Senior Pet

by Heather Loenser, DVM, Staff Veterinary Advisor, Professional and Public Affairs for the American Animal Hospital Association If we had the choice, our pets would live as long as we do, but sadly, that’s not the case. All members of the animal kingdom age at different rates. Hamsters rarely live past 3 years of age, […]

10 Reasons to Adopt a Senior Dog #NutrishSeniorPets

We adopted both Irie and Tiki at the age of six months. I’ll be honest: for all the puppy fun and incredible joy, there was a lot of work as well. From digging in the yard to chewing off each other’s collars, we had a busy, busy time during the first two years. As they’ve […]

Keeping Senior Dogs Sharp with Tips from Bill Berloni

This post is sponsored by Purina Pro Plan. As always, we only share information that we believe is important to our readers–and, with two seven-year-old dogs in our home, we’re always looking for more information on how to keep our dogs active and alert for many years to come. When the live small screen adaptation […]

Tips from #BetterwithPets on Your Pet’s Emotional Wellness

This post and my attendance at Better with Pets were sponsored by Purina. As always, all opinions and statements are entirely my own, and I only share information that I believe will be helpful to our readers…who all know that life is Better with Pets! Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the third […]

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