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This Weekend at DogTipper

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Spring is in full bloom here now so this weekend meant some spring cleaning and lawn work:
John’s back was hurting so I mowed while John trimmed the lowest limbs off the cedar trees. (You’ll remember our close call with a skunk earlier this week. Time to tame this yard!)

And the weekend also brought some new shelving to hold the ingredients for cooking the weekly Tuesday Treat recipes! (We live in the country so I always buy groceries in pretty large quantities so I don’t run out.)

John constructed some great shelves for the pantry/storeroom:


The dogs were napping during the installation (he’d already built and painted the shelves in his workshop so all we had to do was put them in place and secure them to the wall). Just when we thought we’d get through the installation undiscovered, our cover was blown…in came the dogs,  ready to inspect the new project!


Tiki, in usual Tiki fashion, was especially excited:


I think all those kisses meant Tiki was happy about the new shelving and the treats she knew would eventually come from that pantry! 😉 –Paris