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Dog-Friendly Glen Rose, Texas

A popular day trip for Dallas-Fort Worth urbanites, The beautiful dog-friendly town of Glen Rose in the countryside 80 miles southwest of Dallas was once aptly known as “Glen of Roses.” Along with its relaxing atmosphere, the town is a favorite as a gateway to Dinosaur Valley State Park, one of the state’s best sites for viewing evidence of dinosaur habitation. In fact, Glen Rose now has a new moniker: The Dinosaur Capital of Texas.

Dog-Friendly Area Attractions

Cleburne State Park. Located about 20 miles east of Glen Rose near the community of Cleburne, this state park is a favorite with mountain bikers but they’ll also share their trails with you and your dog. The park’s Cedar Lake is a great choice for dogs that are fearful of loud noises because this no-wake lake prohibits the use of jet skis and other personal watercraft so it’s nice and quiet! Your dog will find plenty of spots along the lakeshore for a dip; you can extend your visit by camping here as well. Info: 5800 Park Road 21, Cleburne; Fee.

Dinosaur Valley State Park. It’s not just everywhere you can compare your dog’s paw to the footprint of a dinosaur…but here’s your chance. This unique state park contains real dinosaur tracks right in the bed of the Paluxy River. You and Fido can wade in the river (some tracks are submerged, some are in the banks, depending on the water level) and touch the tracks made by Theropod and Sauropod dinosaurs. You’ll also find plenty of swimming, hiking on trails, picnicking and camping, and you can’t miss the two fiberglass dinosaur models in the park: a 70-foot Apatosaurus and a 45-foot Tyrannosaurus Rex. Info: 4 miles west of Glen Rose; take US 67 to FM 205, continue for 4 miles to Park Road 59; Fee.

Dinosaur World. Friendly dogs on leashes are always welcome at this outdoor museum with over 150 life-sized dinosaur models. The park doesn’t sell food but you’re welcome to bring a lunch and use a picnic table (or have pizza delivered to you and your pooch at the park). Know that this is a popular attraction with schoolchildren, especially in the spring months of field trips and summer vacations, so time your visit carefully if your dog reacts to excited children. Info: 1058 Park Road 59; Fee.

Meridian State Park. Located 27 miles south of Glen Rose near Meridian, you won’t find dinosaur tracks at this park but you and your dog should be on the lookout for fossils in the limestone formations that surround Lake Meridian. The lake itself is encircled by a hiking trail; you and your dog will find plenty of water fun as well as camping and picnicking. Info: 173 Park Road 7, Meridian; Fee.


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