Doody Digger Pooper Scooper Review

Product: The Doody Digger™

What It Is: Lightweight, one-piece pooper scooper

Manufacturer: Doody Products, LLC

DogTipper Review: Although we have a large yard and live out in the country, we’ve always been pretty diligent about removing dog waste from our yard. After all, we drink well water and our well is just a stone’s throw away from the yard.

The last few months, though, we’ve been extra careful about keeping the yard clean of all waste because of the growing coyote problem. Although we always feed our dogs in the house so there’s no food in the yard, dog waste can be another incentive to bring coyotes closer…so we scoop that poop.

John has had back problems so the leaning over to pick up the poop ranges from uncomfortable to painful, depending on the day, so we were really interested when the opportunity came up to receive a Doody Digger to review. This lightweight (1.5 pound), plastic unit is designed to keep the user upright, relying on its patented shovel end to pick up the poop.

We gave it a try. The unit comes with an O-ring (like a giant rubber band) which holds the bag in place. We first put the O-ring on the Doody Digger (the only part of the process that was a little tough…it took a little muscle!) Next, we put one of the Doody Digger bags on the unit and slid the O-ring to secure it. [Update: Since we wrote this review, we’ve learned that an easier way to put the bag on is to put the O-ring over the bag then slip the bag/O-ring over the Doody Digger!]

We were ready. Time to hit the yard and scoop.

It was amazingly easy to use. Just as it claimed, the unit was extremely lightweight, not at all a strain to use. The handle makes the unit easy to hold and the angle of the shovel design makes it easy to scoop. We used the Doody Digger on both St. Augustine grass and Bermuda grass and it worked excellently on both. We scooped throughout the yard then tossed the bag. Doody Digger sells replacement bags or you can use plastic grocery bags (or we’ll be using the plastic bags our newspaper is delivered in.)

A big paws up for The Doody Digger!

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Price: The Doody Digger website offers 1 Doody Digger®, 1 O-Ring, and 5 Bags for $14.95.

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Disclosure: We received a complimentary Doody Digger to review. We were not compensated for this review and all opinions are strictly our own.

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  • Thanks for reviewing and making the video! Glad it made the dreaded chore fun and easy!

  • Hi Paris and John,

    If you put the O-ring over the bag and then onto the Doody Digger it will be easier in the future for you. I’m glad you liked it!