Winter Dog Baths: 7 Ways to Clean Your Dog During Cold Weather

Time for a dog bath? Hmm…if you’re like us and dog baths are usually an outdoor activity, it’s time for Plan B. Even here in central Texas, most days are way too chilly for a dog bath so we’re getting creative with the bath options. It’s important to keep up a grooming routine even during […]

How to Give Your Dog a Bath During the Winter Months

We may be counting down until the calendar switches from winter to spring–but in many locations, warm weather lags far behind that switch of seasons. We usually bathe Irie and Tiki outdoors but, during the winter months, that bathing routine has to switch up a bit unless the temperatures rise into the mid-80s where we […]

Could Itchy Skin Land Your Dog in the Emergency Room?

Today we have a guest post from Dr. Heather Loenser, DVM, of Crown Veterinary Specialists discussing a topic especially important during the summer months: itchy skin! Learn what YOU can do to avoid a midnight visit! I am an emergency veterinarian who works the overnight shift. I bet you’d be surprised to learn that one of the […]

Removing Burrs from Your Dog’s Coat

We know burrs. Although we have a regular lawn in front of our house, we’re otherwise surrounded by wilderness and that includes some real thorny problems for both dogs and dog parents: briars, beggars’ lice, and burrs. Irie’s short, smooth hound coat requires no dog grooming but Tiki’s coat is another matter! She has a […]

Cleaning Your Dogs Paws with Q-tips

After a record drought here, we’ve been having some rain. Not heavy rain like we really need, mind you, but just enough to create mud in the yard. (And because of last summer’s drought, all of our grass except for the winter rye we’ve thrown out is gone. We’re down to bare dirt in places…and […]

Caring for Your Dog’s Skin in Winter

We all know how our skin feels in the winter. Dry. Flaky. Itchy. We haven’t even had that much cold weather here and still I’ve been getting that itchy skin feeling (that makes you feel like you’re turning into a lizard!) We put lotion on our skin…but what about our dog’s skin during these winter […]

Dog Show Beauty Tips with Q-tips #tipsters

On Thursday, the National Dog Show Presented by Purina airs right after the Thanksgiving Day Macy’s Parade. Over 20 million viewers will be watching as 2000 dogs and handlers vie for Best In Show. The television broadcast marks the start of the “triple crown” of dog shows, followed by December’s AKC/Eukanuba National Championship and February’s […]

Avoiding Dematting Fees

Want to save money on your next visit to the dog groomer? Avoid dematting fees by brushing out your dog’s fur every day or two. Make a habit of removing burrs and detangling hair after every walk then sit down for a full brushing every day or two. Often burrs removes easily if you get […]

Grooming Your Dog After Swimming

Yesterday we shared some tips from PetSmart grooming expert Linda Erickson about grooming your dog to prepare for the summer. Today the expert groomer shares her tips on grooming your dog after swimming: Swimming is a great activity during warm weather, but your dog will need a good cleaning after a dip in the pool […]

Grooming Your Dog for the Summer

As we wrote about last month, the warm weather here has had us starting our summer grooming sooner this year than usual. Tiki had her first “real” haircut to help keep her cool and to reduce her shedding. Today we’ve got some special tips from PetSmart grooming expert Linda Erickson shares her tips on getting […]