What to do if your dog is sprayed by a skunk!

Living in the country, skunks are a fact of life for us. We rarely see them, although I know they live on the hill and in the gullies on the back part of our property. This spring, I was walking Irie and Tiki and we surprised a skunk, who left us a smelly reminder of […]

12 Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool

With a heat wave sweeping across the country, we thought it was a good time to go over some easy tips for keeping your dog safe and comfortable during the hot summer. This is a topic about which we have plenty of experience…here’s our local forecast: Stay indoors Irie and Tiki hang out indoors by […]

5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe During Fireworks #infographic

Well, the calendar may not say July 4th yet, but the fireworks have already started in our area. Last night, just minutes before I took Irie and Tiki out for their evening potty run, up started the fireworks. Needless to say, that bathroom break didn’t occur until the middle of the night… With the Fourth […]

What to Do If You Find a Lost Dog

Just a few weeks ago, John and I were driving back home from a restaurant dinner. About halfway home, we saw a man and woman on the sidewalk, both looking down a busy street and pointing. Before we got any closer, I had already guessed what they were watching: a lost dog. Sure enough, a […]

Preventing Heatstroke in Dogs

We’ve been lucky so far this spring…although the temperatures are already flirting with the 90s, we haven’t had any hot, hot days. Yet. Living in Texas, hot weather is just a fact of life for at least four months of of the year. We’ll soon be approaching triple digits, and the high temps will remain […]

Preparing for Spring

The calendar may say winter but spring is just around the corner in this part of the country. (And, if you’re still shoveling snow, have no fear…warm weather is headed to your region soon, too!) The garden centers here are already filled with plants, fertilizers, and every kind of garden concoction under the sun. As […]

Infographic: Protecting Your Dog from Halloween Chocolate

For all the fun of Halloween, when it comes to dogs, chocolate is NO treat. According to Petplan pet insurance, 32% more likely to suffer food poisoning during Halloween week versus any other time of the year. What’s the top risk? Chocolate! Chocolate is poisonous to pets because it contains toxic theobromine, and different types […]

6 Tips for Safe Autumn Dog Walks

This post is sponsored by Paws for a Cause, a family-owned company featuring USA-made products for you and your dog. Fall may be my very favorite time of the year. After a long (long!) hot summer, the first cool days reenergize me. I’m ready for long autumn dog walks exploring both our favorite trails and […]

8 Household Items to Keep Away from Your Dog

Do you have a dog that you keep inside your home? If so, you know that these pets can often make a mess by chewing on household items and getting into other things that they shouldn’t. Although this can be an annoyance to animal owners, it can also be dangerous for your canine. Even if […]

Why You Need Lighted Dog Gear

During the summer months, our evening walk turns into almost a night walk because of the heat. It’s often still 90 degrees at 8pm here so we wait…and wait…for temperatures to cool before we head off on the evening walk. Of course, that means not only is the heat dissipating, but so is the light. […]